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This is one of many games I have owned over the last 19 years, but I can never seem to get the user base nor enough donations to make this viable.

To this end I have decided to retire from this stuff and get on with life. I cant keep making sites and putting hundreds of hours of work into them and not get anywhere.

This site shall remain on-line until this server runs out in October 2020.
The Domain and HTTPS has expired as of October 2019.
If this game does kick off before October 2020 then itll remain and work will begin, but if it remains dead then I will let it go off-line and to rest in peace.

Thanks and Take Care.

Latest User to Sign up:

# User
1 BeNiiiBoiii [66]

TOP 5 Levels

Pos User Level
1 ... [5] 50
2 Carlin [11] 39
3 Jax [16] 35
4 PeterisGB [1] 31
5 BigBubbaJnr [17] 19

TOP 5 Miners

Pos User Mine Level
1 Carlin [11] 19
2 PeterisGB [1] 15
3 ... [5] 13
4 xSBx [29] 6
5 Jax [16] 5